The Bullies and Allies Series Overview

Bullies & Allies is a beautiful and realistic story of the destructive power of Bullying & the healing power of Friendship. It brings light to lifelong Trauma & to lifelong Healing

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Kyle Rickett is young, attractive, energetic, intelligent and funny. So why is life so difficult for him? Why is he suddenly withdrawn, lonely and even suicidal?

James F Johnson

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Helpful Web Sites

The Trevor Project:  www.TheTrevorProject.org

Supporting LGBTQ and LGBTQ Youth, especially focused on suicide prevention.

Destiny House Restoration Center:  https://www.destinyhouserc.org/

Seattle Based organization committed to helping restore a sense of personal value in teen victims who have escaped Sex Trafficking in Seattle.

My Reading List

In Sheep's Clothingby Dr. George K Simon (https://www.drgeorgesimon.com/)

A short book and an easy read. The first book I ever read on the topic of toxic people. This book saved my life and led me toward more in depth reading on the topic of narcissistic and sociopathic relationships.

The Sociopath Next Door by Dr. Martha K. Stout

Fantastic book, written for us non-PHD's to understand the reality of how many sociopaths actually walk among us. Dr. Stout gives us the information we need to recognized sociopathic tactics before we become victim to them, and gives us advice on how to handle sociopathic relationships.